Elizabeth Whitton’s “Houses of the Old Blood’ won the 2018 Aurora Award for best YA Novel!



Blood is her destiny…

Sixteen-year-old Addie Stevens is a dedicated underachiever with a serious allergy to attention. When an enigmatic boy with piercing gold eyes stalks her, she can’t shake him. And when she’s attacked by other-worldly hunters called the Denagali, it’s her stalker, Eris, who saves her.

But the Denagali smell blood in the water. Addie’s blood. They’re hunting her, and the one person who knows why is golden-eyed Eris. He can’t stop talking about secret bloodlines, Old Blood dynasties, and the Kharis, a hidden race of powerful beings. Addie doesn’t want to believe him, but she doesn’t have a choice. Every passing moment she stays with her family thrusts them deeper into Denagali danger.

To save them, Addie escapes with Eris to the sanctuary Kettlescon. Once there Addie is far from safe.  Secrets swirl around her like Kharis battle blades, rumors whisper of a dark transformation, while Addie’s unique “talents” suggest that her blood might be the oldest of them all.